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My Bucket List

So I was putting together a couple of lists – 40 by 41 & my bucket list 100 & the following list is the result. I decided to only make one list to keep it simple – the more immediate things at the top, but other than that it’s all in no particular order. I also thought I’d limit it to 100 things, but then decided limiting myself was silly. Some things are fairly mundane, others are huge and some just seem impossible to me, but I didn’t want to be so practical that I missed putting something on the list that I would really like to have happen.

It felt so good to make this list, to dream & even to start planning a bit. Some things on the list still need to be more specific & defined. I’m also sure I will add to the list & there may even be things that I will want to remove without doing them. That being said, here’s my list:

  1. See U2 in concert. June 4, 2011 Qwest Field, Seattle, Washington. 360 Tour. Amazing.
  2. Be able to wear every item in my closet
  3. Be able to run for 30 minutes without stopping. August 1, 2011
  4. Run in a 5K race.
  5. Make a cool, real-life friend via the internet.
  6. Become proficient in Photoshop.
  7. Be a better photographer & learn to use the SLR functions on my camera.
  8. Volunteer regularly as a family.
  9. Redecorate my house – with a plan this time!
  10. Correspond regularly via snail mail.
  11. Read every book CS Lewis has written.
  12. Create a family mission statement.
  13. Scan & catalog all my print photos.
  14. Learn to knit.
  15. Start drawing regularly again.
  16. Figure out a housekeeping plan that works for our family.
  17. Floss regularly.
  18. Drink 26,280 ounces of water every year. (That’s 72 ounces a day)
  19. Do at least 2 paintings a year.
  20. Create at least 2 sculptures a year.
  21. Figure out and maintain a writing schedule.
  22. Drink really good champagne.
  23. Go to Miners in Yakima, WA. July 24, 2011 – yummy!
  24. Visit all of my grandparent’s graves.
  25. Try not to completely lose it when Jude starts school.
  26. Make at least 2 items of clothing each for the boys.
  27. Make a great Jamaican patty.
  28. Make at least 5 items of clothing for myself.
  29. Do another grocery-free month.
  30. Take three months & not buy anything. May, June, July 2011 – amazing.
  31. Wear every pair of shoes that I have in 365 days – get rid of any that I don’t wear.
  32. Craft & create every week because it makes me happy.
  33. Organise a local craft swap.
  34. Eat foie gras.
  35. Eat Beef Wellington.
  36. Bake a loaf of bread.
  37. Do silhouette portraits of our family.
  38. Leave 40 objects or pieces of art in public places for other people to find.
  39. Sleep in a tree house hotel.
  40. Go away overnight by myself.
  41. Write a song.
  42. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  43. Travel to all 50 states in the USA.
  44. Go on an Alaska cruise.
  45. Go on a missions trip with the boys.
  46. Visit the Grand Canyon.
  47. Go to Las Vegas.
  48. Go on a long train ride with my family.
  49. Learn another language.
  50. Climb a mountain.
  51. Go to New York City.
  52. Skinny dip.
  53. Own our home free & clear.
  54. Write a book.
  55. Learn to play guitar.
  56. Be able to run 10K.
  57. Learn archery.
  58. Take a martial arts class.
  59. Bungee jump.
  60. Go to an amusement park with the boys.
  61. Watch a rocket launch live.
  62. See the Northern Lights.
  63. Visit Washington DC.
  64. Go to London with the boys.
  65. Go to the Cherry Blossom festival in Washington DC.
  66. Design a website/learn web design.
  67. Make a formal dress.
  68. Have a Star Wars marathon.
  69. Have dinner parties 3x per year.
  70. Host a great cocktail party.
  71. Go to a formal event.
  72. Go on a multi-day bike trip.
  73. Go paragliding again.
  74. Return to Barcelona when the Temple Expiatori De La Sagrada Familia is complete.
  75. Go to Japan.
  76. Set foot on all seven continents.
  77. Go to Jamaica with my family.
  78. Watch every movie that has won the Best Picture Oscar.
  79. Get a college degree.
  80. Become a freelance writer.
  81. Write something every week.
  82. Write a letter to each of my boys about life.
  83. Go on safari.
  84. Attend New York Fashion Week.
  85. Attend a fashion show.
  86. Get a tattoo.
  87. Go to the Kentucky Derby & wear a fabulous hat.
  88. Own a couture hat.
  89. Try truffles cooked well.
  90. Eat at a five-star restaurant.
  91. Go horseback riding on the beach again.
  92. Renew our vows.
  93. Stay debt free except for our mortgage.
  94. Read the BBC top 100 books.
  95. Learn to crochet.
  96. Go on a European tour with my family.
  97. Back pack on the Pacific Coast Trail.
  98. Go to San Francisco again. (Don’t stay by the airport)
  99. Take my family to Georgia.
  100. Have a houseboat vacation.
  101. Own something by Alexander McQueen.
  102. Fly first class.
  103. Be able to travel regularly for missions.
  104. Visit all 58 National Parks in the US.
  105. Do the South Island of New Zealand again.
  106. Experience weightlessness.
  107. Own a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes.
  108. Go in a Zorb.
  109. Be a successful blogger – what does that mean?
  110. Get a massage – yep, never had one.
  111. Leave a really big tip for a wait person who deserves it.
  112. Ride in a helicopter.
  113. Milk a cow.
  114. Learn to ride a motorcycle.
  115. Spend all day in bed.

2 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. I love your list – to my list I would add take a ride in a helicopter. Maybe I could be your cool real-life internet friend….I’d like to attend your Star Wars marathon including dinner party followed by skinny dipping, kill 4 birds with one stone!

    • I actually have thought of a couple more things to add. Helicopter ride needs to be added too. You can definitely be my real-life internet friend. We like lots of the same things on Pinterest! Colin thinks we should skip the skinny dipping together though.

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