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Challenge #7 No Groceries for a Month!

So the rules of this challenge are that I won’t be any groceries in the month of March. I have $20 per week for produce & milk.

The goal is to use what I have in my pantry & freezer & to be creative in what I do with these ingredients.

I’ll be continuing my new recipes every week along with this challenge, so that will be interesting!

I’ll report in every week with my progress.


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Challenge #6 No Outfit Repeats March 1-31

I had a big closet purge yesterday. It was so good to get rid of stuff that I don’t like & to see what I do have. I have a lot of clothes that are too small, but I am losing, so I am holding on to them. I have been feeling like I wear the same stuff all the time, despite my closets being full of wonderful clothes. There are a lot of things that I can’t wear right now, but I tried stuff on yesterday & there is more that I can wear than I thought there would be.

So here’s my challenge: No repeat outfits from March 1-31. Tuesdays will be an exception – it’s laundry day & we don’t go out at all. The rules are that basics can be worn multiple times – leggings, plain t-shirts, etc – but the outfits have to be different. Shoes can be reworn, but I will try to use more of them than I usually do.

I will post pictures of my outfits every day.

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Challenge #5 Craft Projects

I’m a bit of a jack of all trades, master of none. I do like variety though & I like to try lots of different things. Things that I am currently dabbling in: embroidery, loom knitting, scrapbooking, clothing sewing, jewelry creation & card making. Things that I would like to learn: knitting & crochet for sure. I also am forever coming across fun craft projects that I want to do & just don’t seem to make the time for.

Then there are my boys. I also have lots of projects that I want to do with them – many are craft kits, but again, I often come across projects that would be great to do with my boys.

The challenge is to do at least two craft projects per month. I will post photos and progress reports. I am thinking that at some point, I might increase the frequency of these projects, but I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew. If I end up doing more, all the better!

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Challenge #4 Celebrate Interesting Holidays

I love finding weird & wacky or significant holidays to celebrate with my family. I usually use this site to find them. I certainly don’t pick them all, I select the ones that I think would be most interesting & fun for me & my boys.

I’ve already picked the holidays for the rest of 2011 & will report on our activities related to those holidays throughout the year.

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Challenge #2 Creative Hair for 14 Days

I haven’t had a haircut since well before my second son was born more than 18 months ago. I mostly just wear it up to keep it out of the way. It’s gotten really long & I am starting to get the new hair style itch. However, before that, I am challenging myself to wear my hair differently every day for 14 days. Hopefully it will help get me out of this rut & ready for a new style. I will post photos of each style.