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Wordless Wednesday – May 9, 2012


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Make It Monday – Necktie Camera Strap Cover

So I’ve been planning on making my own camera strap cover for ages after seeing this easy DIY on Pinterest. I probably still will, but I managed to come up with a different strap cover idea all on my own!

I love vintage ties & I have quite a few of them. So I decided to try making a camera strap cover out of one. It worked really well & I love it! It was pretty easy to do as well.

I started with a vintage tie. You need to make sure that the tie is wide enough to accommodate your camera strap. I measured the length of the strap on the tie itself & cut it, leaving enough room for a small hem.

Then I hemmed the cut end by hand & added a bit of fray-stop. I threaded it through the strap & reattached it to the camera. The threaded end seems to stay in place without help. I added a vintage tie pin to the wide end of the tie.

I love the outcome. I plan to make more – I need to go through my ties & find one that is still wide enough for the strap, but that is a little less wide at the end. I really do love this idea though – super fun.

An easy DIY with minimal sewing. What DIY projects are you working on lately?

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Challenge #1 – High-Key B&W Portrait Effect & 30 Days of Creativity – Day 30

Once again, two birds with one stone! I did my Photoshop challenge of the week & my final day of the 30 Days of Creativity.

I used a photo that I took this weekend at a wedding we went to of my husband & my youngest son. I used this tutorial to produce a high-key black & white portrait. I love the dreamy, ethereal feel of the high-key effect.





For details of this challenge, click here

The 30 Days of Creativity has been amazing. I haven’t felt heaps of pressure which has been great because I think that would have taken a lot of the fun out of it. But it has definitely been a consideration &  motivation as I think about my day. I plan on doing it again next year, but I think I will be much more organised & plan out more activities instead of flying by the seat of my pants as much as I did. This has been inspirational for me & I’ve done so many fun things & stretched myself. I’m excited to get back into more of my traditional art disciplines.

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Challenge #1 Photoshop Actions & 30 Days of Creativity – Day 16

I love looking at photographer’s work. I have a pinboard on Pinterest dedicated to photography ideas. I asked a photographer friend of mine, Amy of Amy Mathews Photography, how she got some of her looks. She directed me to Florabella & MCP for their actions. They both have amazing Photoshop actions & I’d love to get some of them sometime. Not being a professional photographer though, it’s hard for me to justify the expense.

So I did a bit of searching, tried out a few free actions I found online, but none were really giving me the looks I wanted. Then I came across The Coffeeshop Blog. Rita has heaps of free Photoshop actions & I am just slowly working my way through them. She offers an explanation of the actions, but it’s easier for me if I can see what the effect will be. So I mostly just started grabbing actions & trying them. I need to spend some time learning how to use pre-assembled actions more – as far as making adjustments, etc. Super resource!

The boys & I went to the park & I happened to take my DSLR. 145 photos later… That’s the thing with digital cameras. Love it though. I’m also trying to be more disciplined with getting rid of photos so they don’t take up too much space.

I’ll be sharing more photos later, but I used some of The Coffeeshop Blog’s actions on two of the photos I took today.

Jude in a Tree - Before

I used Lusturous Pop& Eye Bright

Jude in a Tree - After


Zane - Before

I used Velvet Truffle & Eye Bright

Zane - After

Actions aren’t a substitute for good photography, but they can help make photos standout. I’m excited to try more of the actions from this great blog!

For details of this challenge, click here. For more information about 30 Days of Creativity, click here.