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Make It Monday – Embroidery Hoops & Vintage Sheets

I have been having a jolly little time experimenting with sewing on vintage sheets. I love the patterns of vintage sheets & they are so soft. I’ve been scouring local thrift stores for vintage sheets for a while now, using them to make fort kits mostly, but I also knew that I would use the fabric for future projects. With the price of new fabric these days, vintage sheets are an inexpensive way to get great patterns and cloth for craft projects.

I’ve also been doing some metal stamping, which is great fun & I’m looking for more projects to use it in.

Here’s some of my latest…

I love that these are things that I can take along with me and sew when I am out and about. I can also use other crafty bits and pieces in these creations and every hoop I create will be unique. I play with the pattern of the sheets sometimes and other times I kind of ignore it and just use it as background.

I am also so excited that my four-year old son has taken to embroidery as well. He calls it “threading” and he’s very freestyle, though sometimes he sets out to make a “real” thing.

I haven’t finished the backs of his creations yet, but I wanted to share some of his work.

I have been thinking for a long time now of opening up my own little online shop for vintage & crafting. I will also sell local without a shop. I have so many wonderful vintage things that need to find a good home and I’m keen to sell some of my crafty things as well. Still working on logistics and creating stock, but it is fun to dream and plan. I’ll keep you apprised of developments.


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Make It Monday – Christmas Confidential

Prepare yourself for lots of images! I made heaps of presents for Christmas this year. I got loads of ideas off of Pinterest & tried to add my own twist where possible. I really enjoyed making more things this year. Our whole family actually made gifts – it was so fun to see the effort, time & thought that went into the homemade gifts.

I have been making fort kits for a while and giving them as gifts to the boy’s friends. I hadn’t made a kit for my boys yet though, so they got one for Christmas. I also made one for my nephew Jesse. The wonderful thing is that my sister made a kit for my boys & her son as well, so we now have a double kit! It’s been super handy as well, because my boys like to cover the entire living room with sheets. We’ve had so much fun with this gift – forts & a stage are regular additions to playtime. I am really pleased with the grommets that I added at six points around the sheets – they are great for tying up to whatever might be around. I used thrifted sheets & supplies from the dollar store which makes it a super affordable gift with heaps of creative possibilities.

I made some rings using ring blanks & vintage clip on earrings. I love the idea of repurposing vintage clip on earrings – they don’t get much use as earrings, but they are so beautiful. I have heaps of ideas for other uses for these earrings & quite a collection of them from my thrifting adventures. I plan on making things for my shop that I am planning on starting this year.

Anytime Art Jar – super easy to put together & heaps of fun for the kids.

I made a key-inspired wind chime for my Dad. I also made a crate of fire starters for his outdoor fire pit. There are several different scents: pine cone, cinnamon, sage, and rosemary. I used pinecones with dried herbs wrapped in newspaper.

I made homemade reed diffusers for some of my family.

I made a couple of picture/plaques for my Mom & Dad. I tried my hand at wood burning – harder than I thought it would be, but super fun & I’m inspired to try some new things.

I made a vintage brooch bouquet for my Mom. I thought it turned out so pretty.

I also found a lot of tiny, vintage charms on eBay for a steal & made a charm bracelet for my Mom – she loves blue, windmills & flowers so I thought it was appropriate. My sister & I also found a matching windmill ring in a local thrift store – love those special finds!

This last one is a gift that my sister made for my youngest son that I thought was so cool. It’s a bunch of roads made out of old jeans. She put it all in a handmade bag & added some cars. He loves it!

I’d love to hear about your homemade gifts! I’m excited for another year of creative inspiration & making gifts.

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Make It Monday – Button Christmas Tree

One of our traditions with my sister & Mom is to make a Christmas craft together over the Thanksgiving break. We will often pick a craft together & do the same thing, but this year we each chose to do our own thing. We actually all chose something we saw on Pinterest! What was life like before Pinterest?

Given my love for & collection of buttons, I chose to do a button tree. I saw several versions on Pinterest. Here’s one.

There are so many ways you could go with this idea – different colour schemes, different types of buttons and pins. I chose to go with a rainbow look. Why? Because I love colour & I love rainbows. I was kind of obsessed with rainbows when I was growing up – I had so many rainbow stickers in my sticker collection, it was kind of ridiculous. Pair a rainbow with a unicorn & I was very pleased. Make it a flying unicorn & I was over the moon!

This was a super easy project which was good because I was exhausted when we were working on our crafts. I was worried about running out of buttons, but I need not have worried at all, it was the pins that I ran out of. I was going to do two smaller trees to match, but didn’t have enough pins. We’ll see if I get some purchased & make more trees before Christmas.

Are you creating anything homemade for Christmas?

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Make It Monday – Necktie Camera Strap Cover

So I’ve been planning on making my own camera strap cover for ages after seeing this easy DIY on Pinterest. I probably still will, but I managed to come up with a different strap cover idea all on my own!

I love vintage ties & I have quite a few of them. So I decided to try making a camera strap cover out of one. It worked really well & I love it! It was pretty easy to do as well.

I started with a vintage tie. You need to make sure that the tie is wide enough to accommodate your camera strap. I measured the length of the strap on the tie itself & cut it, leaving enough room for a small hem.

Then I hemmed the cut end by hand & added a bit of fray-stop. I threaded it through the strap & reattached it to the camera. The threaded end seems to stay in place without help. I added a vintage tie pin to the wide end of the tie.

I love the outcome. I plan to make more – I need to go through my ties & find one that is still wide enough for the strap, but that is a little less wide at the end. I really do love this idea though – super fun.

An easy DIY with minimal sewing. What DIY projects are you working on lately?

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Make It Monday – Sweater Clips & Coloured Pasta

I have so many Christmas projects going on! It’s fun, but it’s also a lot to keep organised. I also won’t be able to share any of my Christmas present projects until after Christmas. I’ll have heaps to share after Christmas though so watch out!

A while back I made some coloured pasta. It’s easy to do & my oldest son loved helping out with it. It does involve food colouring, so make sure your zip lock bag is actually sealed before shaking it up. If you don’t, you might end up redecorating your kitchen in blue like we did! You can find instructions here. I’ve also done something similar with rice & it’s great too.  Zane wanted to make sure that the dinosaurs were the stars of the photo & not the pasta…

Anyway, we finally got around to doing something with some of the coloured pasta last week. We made simple necklaces. Good fun. I even made one & wore it all day – I felt quite fancy!

Last week I wore a denim jacket & accessorised with a DIY sweater clip. I love vintage jewelry & I think that clip on earrings are gorgeous. I do wear them as earrings, but I’m always looking for other uses for them. For the sweater clip, I simply used some chain I had on hand & attached it with jump rings to the earrings. Then I clipped the earrings on to my jacket. Super easy & I love how it looks.

Hope you find the time & energy to create something this week!


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Make It Monday – Light Edition

Didn’t get up to too much crafting this week. My house is much more conducive to creativity now though so hopefully the week ahead will yield lots of pretty, fun things.

I whipped up a pair of earrings & created an artist trading card. I’ve also been finalizing what I’ll be making for Christmas presents, but most of those things I won’t be able to share until after the holidays. I spent some time a couple of weeks ago cleaning out my craft supply area – it happens to be in the garage as we don’t have space for it in the house. It was so good to sort through stuff & figure out what I have & what I need. It’s so much easier for me to be creative when I’m also organised.

Here’s my earrings…

…and my artist trading card.

What are you creating lately?

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Make It Monday – Mason Jar Sewing Kit

I’m starting several new series here on Be Your Own Adventure. One of them is Make it Monday. Whether it’s a DIY project I find on Pinterest or something creative I come up with myself, I’ll be sharing a few of the things that I am up to lately. Of course, with Christmas only 10 weeks away, I won’t be able to share everything that I am working on.

This week I finally got around to making a mason jar sewing kit. I’ve been in need of a pin cushion for ages, but didn’t want to buy one, I wanted to make one for myself. I came across the mason jar sewing kit idea on Pinterest & thought it looked pretty simple & of course, I love jars! The extra storage space is a big plus too.

I tried the Marth Stewart tutorial twice, I couldn’t get it to work either time. The lid wouldn’t fit on. I was ready to give up & said so to Jude (my four year old). He promptly told me I couldn’t give up. Nothing would do then but to look for another tutorial. I found this one, and it worked!

Take a gander…

And just an FYI, hot glue is very hot & will give you a blister! Drat.