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Fashion on Friday – Love this Pattern!

I’ve been feeling very unfashionable lately. I’m in a serious rut. Working on it.

I got a new dress recently at Target. It has an amazing pattern and I love the details on it. It will definitely be one that will see me through all the seasons.

Dress: Target, Leggings: Walmart, Shoes: Walmart, Shrug: Torrid

I’ve also been making some fun little pendants out of Scrabble letters (I look for old Scrabble games in thrift shops). Great for gifts.

Pi Day was on Wednesday, I’ll be doing a post about that soon and St Patrick’s Day is tomorrow and I have some yummy plans for that.



Words on Wednesday – Questions, Questions, Questions

My status update on Facebook recently went like this:

Jude: Why isn’t God a million, or a google, or a googolplex (in age)? Are the clouds above the sky or under the sky? When everyone dies, will there still be a heaven and an earth? What makes the bubbles in pop? This boy keeps me on my toes & running to Google, God, Daddy & Grandpa for answers! (Not necessarily in that order.)

These were questions that came up during a short car ride.  Jude is four years old. He is working hard at figuring out the universe.  My husband and I are, for the moment, the ones that he asks these questions to the most. He wants answers. So do I. I still have so many questions, there are so many things that I don’t understand. I try to answer him as honestly as I can, to say “I don’t know” when I don’t know, to say let’s Google it, to say let’s ask Daddy or Grandpa or Grandma. But I know that some of the questions he asks simply don’t have clear answers. Questions about the nature of God and of Man.

I think about my own journey of faith. I look back on how I viewed things as a teenager, as a young adult – I could be so rigid, everything was black and white and it was safe and it was comfortable. I don’t see things that way anymore, life is much more grey than I once thought. This grey landscape can be scary and uncomfortable, there are many more unanswered and unanswerable questions than I ever thought there could be. It’s also a place of great love and freedom. I’ve found a God of grace and forgiveness. I’ve found fellow pilgrims disguised as vagabonds. I’ve found truth in rated R movies.  I’ve found love where I thought there was only judgement.

I want my sons to discover that love for themselves. I will be part of their journey, I hope that I can impart wisdom, and that they can avoid some of the mistakes that I made. I also know that they have to find their own way. They will make mistakes, they will judge, they will be blinded to things. Their questions will probably scare me and I will fear for the roads they might take, but I pray that they keep asking the questions because there are often, but not always, answers. Sometimes the answers aren’t what we expected, but there is always love.

Then there are those questions I love, the ones that have easy answers that I can Google! What sound does a rhinoceros make? (It sounds like a donkey.) How many people are there in the whole world? (Seven billion.) How many kinds of animals are there in the world? (There are an estimated three million different kinds of animals.)

My favourite thing is when Jude or Zane reminds me of the truth that we know, but sometimes forget. That we can pray and God hears. That God heals us. That Jesus loves everyone. Jude’s memory verse for Awana this week was, “Jesus came into the world to save sinners”. He accidentally said “scissors” instead of “sinners” the first time he said it, so that has been his joke all week. I have a picture in my head now of Jesus gathering up all the scissors in the world and rescuing them from certain doom. Anyway, on our way to Awana tonight, Jude was saying the scripture, but he was saying, “Jesus came into the world to save all sinners.” I was about to correct him, when he told me that he knows it just says “sinners”, but he knows that Jesus wants to save “all sinners.” I wasn’t about to argue with that because it’s the truth.

Keeping asking, keep seeking, find truth, find love. That’s the best thing I can wish for my boys.

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Tasty Tuesday – Pepperoni Pizza Puffs

I first made these Pepperoni Pizza Puffs for my son’s birthday party last year. This last week we had a recipe exchange at the mom’s group that I go to so I thought I’d make them again because they are super easy & great for kids.

Sadly, I forgot to take a photo! They look just like the picture on the website I linked to. They are tasty, easy, kids love them and can be made ahead and reheated.



Make It Monday – Embroidery Hoops & Vintage Sheets

I have been having a jolly little time experimenting with sewing on vintage sheets. I love the patterns of vintage sheets & they are so soft. I’ve been scouring local thrift stores for vintage sheets for a while now, using them to make fort kits mostly, but I also knew that I would use the fabric for future projects. With the price of new fabric these days, vintage sheets are an inexpensive way to get great patterns and cloth for craft projects.

I’ve also been doing some metal stamping, which is great fun & I’m looking for more projects to use it in.

Here’s some of my latest…

I love that these are things that I can take along with me and sew when I am out and about. I can also use other crafty bits and pieces in these creations and every hoop I create will be unique. I play with the pattern of the sheets sometimes and other times I kind of ignore it and just use it as background.

I am also so excited that my four-year old son has taken to embroidery as well. He calls it “threading” and he’s very freestyle, though sometimes he sets out to make a “real” thing.

I haven’t finished the backs of his creations yet, but I wanted to share some of his work.

I have been thinking for a long time now of opening up my own little online shop for vintage & crafting. I will also sell local without a shop. I have so many wonderful vintage things that need to find a good home and I’m keen to sell some of my crafty things as well. Still working on logistics and creating stock, but it is fun to dream and plan. I’ll keep you apprised of developments.

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Thankful Thursday – Libraries

So I’m kind of annoyed that I will probably have to wait months for Game of Thrones & Downton Abbey Season 2 on dvd from the library, but I will get to watch them for FREE! What an amazing concept the library system is.

I can request books and other media online, walk right in and they are waiting for me. There are storytimes and play areas for the kids. All kinds of resources for people – computers, education and a world of knowledge. Quiet places to read, think & write.

Play Area at the Library

Annual Visit of the Train Guy to the Library

So thankful for libraries.


Words on Wednesday – Vulnerability

“Do you want to be a prophet?” Thomas asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Everywhere I go, I meet people, old and young, from all over the world, and they tell me about their lives, their relationships, broken families, their addictions, shame, guilt, failures. You’ll never be able to speak into their souls unless you speak the truth about your own wounds. You need to tell them what our Lord has come to mean to you in the midst of your disappointments and losses. All ministry begins at the ragged edges of our own pain,” he said.

“Do you know the story of Rabbi Zusya?” he asked. “He was Chasidic master who lived in the 1700s. One day he said, “When I get to the heavenly court, God will not ask me ‘Why weren’t you Moses?’ Rather he will ask me, ‘Why were you not Zusya?’” Thomas let that thought hang in the air for a moment, then continued. “Churches should be places where people come to hear the story of God and to tell their own. That’s how we find out how the two relate. Tell your story with all of its shadows and fog, so people can understand their own. They want a leader who’s authentic, someone trying to figure out how to follow the Lord Jesus in the joy and wreckage of life. They need you, not Moses,” he said.

This is a quote from the book Chasing Francis by Ian Morgan Cron. Thomas goes on to talk about Christianity as “living dangerously open”, “living an unprotected life”.

Can I say how much I want to be safe? I want my family to be safe. I’ve lived in numerous countries, travelled a lot, partaken in adventure/extreme sports, wandered the streets of cities, chased muggers down the road, and yet I have this deep desire to be safe.  I want to be emotionally safe. I’ve been vulnerable to people who have abused that gift that I gave to them and so I shy from admitting weaknesses and pain.  My weaknesses are many, my pain is present and yet I try so hard to hide these things from other people – probably coming across as both confident and arrogant. That is not my desire, but I got to tell you that this whole vulnerability thing scares the poop out of me.

I’m not talking about airing all my dirty laundry on Facebook or my blog. I’m talking about speaking with an authentic voice about the things that I am going through and have gone through. I’m talking about moving on from small talk to soul talk. I’m not talking about a polite dabbing of the eyes, but about weeping.  I’m talking about intimacy and not fluff.

I also know that along with weeping, there is laughter. Along with the sobs there needs to be frivolity and jokes and the mundane. It’s not either/or, it’s both/and.

My oldest son will be starting school this year. I’m not worried about him academically, but my heart aches for the pain that I know he’ll experience as his social world opens up. The pain that we humans inflict on each other both intentionally & unknowingly. I don’t want to see him suffer. I do know that if I try to protect him from the pain he might receive at the hand of others, I will deny him the joy and grace and life that he can receive from others as well.

It comes down to this, I don’t want to get hurt. I don’t want my friends and family to get hurt. I don’t want people to laugh at me or think less of me. That’s no way to live life. Because the pain is worth the gift of relationship.

I want to go forward living life wide open – to people, to experiences, to joy, to pain, to community, to wonder.